If you go back a couple of days, back to the post on Friday, I made mention to the fact that Friday weddings really throw my internal clock off. To illustrate this fact, if you refer back to the post from yesterday (Sunday), you will see that I refered to our client by the wrong name. Well, the name that I used was Josalyn, because I thought that if it was Monday, it must be Josalyn. But it was Sunday, and it wasn’t. But then today was Monday, and it was, and we were glad, and we all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Uhhhhhh…..I’m not too sure what that was all about, but what I do know is that today we spent our evening with the Joyful Josalyn (remember, I strive to alliterate no matter how bad it is!) We had a great evening, and got some really wonderful photographs – all made possible by…Josalyn! Enough with all of this randam jabering, on to the photographs – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. well i would just like to say that i aLWAYS knew that josalyn was beautiful and should DEFINATELY be a model..i love you josalyn!

  2. Holy Ross Girl!! Ok I just want to say that all of us at YLP KNEW you were super amazing!! Wow – I almost peed my pants – you ROCK. Will you sign my baseball???

  3. omg you are soooo beautiful, you HAVE to become a model. you are soooo photogenic it’s amazing, i really miss you Josalyn i wish i could see you. Anyway, good luck with everything

  4. Hey you….
    You are such a gorgeous young women….
    My favorite pic is you in the field and on the beach…I just love the nature shots…oh but the one in the white dress is definitely magazine material…front page…
    You truly look stunning in all of them…I feel privledge to have not only witnessed your outer beauty but to know that it’s a reflection of your heart!
    Hope this year is wonderful…

  5. Josalyn… well, all your practice this summer paid off! haha just kidding… anyways, you look swell in the pics and i hope that you have fun for your senior year. see you later!


  6. Josy!
    I absolutely LOVE your pictures!you defiently convinced me to go there for mine! You’ll have to give me some model training, but with your help,i can do it! remember that true beauty comes from the inside though! Be all that God created you to be, He loves you Josy and so do I!!!


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