Tuesdays with Natalie (and one’s & zero’s)

All this time I’ve been using the ‘Sundays With…’, and instead it should have been ‘Tuesdays With…’. I’m glad that I have this all straightened out, as it now gives me twice the number of options available as there were before. I’m not quite sure what I just typed meant, but it has increased the number of words used in this post substantially.

As the title of this post suggests, we spent the evening with the ever-so-friendly Natalie! She brought her super-duper-fun-high-octane self to the studio, as we grabbed up some of the reflected light, threw it at a sensor chip, which then converted it all to a big ol’ mess of one’s and zero’s, which we then transfered to our computer, and Jamie made ever so slight changes to the photographs, I networked myself to her computer, grabbed the images, and then moved those same (albeit slightly altered) one’s and zero’s to a web server somewhere in Pennsylvania (which means ‘Penn’s woods’ – shout out to Dr. J over at MSU for that), which led right to your eyes converting this new digital light being created on your screen into an upside down image in the back of your eye, which your brain turned right side up, and you are now able to associate what you have seen with previous things you have seen, which hopefully make you feel all warm inside.

So, on with the pics – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. I think that Natalie’s pictures are good for what i have seen. Her make-up brings out the color in her eyes, and it makes her look more outgoing. I can’t wait until I take my pictures to see how outgoing and crazzzzy i look

    love them (good work)

  2. I think these pictures of Natalie are GREAT!! i hope mine turn out this good

    Awesome Job



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