Pat & Christi

This past Saturday, the Otis & James caravan rolled over and up to beautiful Upham, a part of the never ending summer of weddings!

Pat & Christi were a late addition to the summer tour, and we are so happy that we were able to be a part of their super-big day. We had a great time working with this awesome group, and we thank one and all for their work to make these photographs really sweeeeeeet. Also a special thanks to the Northern Lights for making a special guest appearance.

So, to summarize: Upham is good, glad to have Pat & Christi on board, good group to work with, Northern Lights creepy/cool. Congratulations to the Bride & Groom, and on with the snappy-snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. The pictures looked awesome. The bride looked absolutely beautiful. The whole day was great the wedding and all.

  2. The pictures are awesome. I can’t wait to see more. Otis and James did an cool job. Awesome to work with and they are always there. To the bride and groom, very cool pictures and the best of good luck to you.


  3. The pictures look just awesome, fitting for the fun day it was. Great job Otis & James, and Best of Luck to the Bride and Groom!


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