Lifelong U2 fan Otis and his trusty partner/newer U2 fan James had the pleasure of meeting U2 outside the Target Center this afternoon. They, along with a couple hundered other people were greeted by the band, which were gracious enough to come out and spend some time meeting & greeting before their soundcheck for their concert this evening.

At first, it seemed as if Otis & James would be stuck far far away from the band when they came out of the loading dock door, but through a miraculous series of crowd movements and miracles from the security staff, they found themselves right in front of the barricade that had been set up.

As it became clear that this would be the once in a lifetime chance to actually meet the band (everyone except for Larry, that is) – the photographic duo searched for something to have them sign. A light bulb went off in the head of Otis, as he realized that he had his trusted iBook. What better surface to deface with a black Sharpie than that of the elegant white expanse of this machine.

The first band member to approach was Edge. James presented the laptop and asked him to sign. There was a moment of hesitation as he asked if we were sure that we wanted him to do this to our trusted iBook. He may have looked at us like we were crazy, but he graciously obliged our wish.

Otis was truly stunned. Could this really be? Could the guitarist that he has idolized since junior high actually be standing a foot away signing his laptop? Inded he was, and next up was Bono.

From here on out, it just really became more and more ridiculous, as Bono and then
Adam signed the laptop. Seriously, truly wild. Bono wrote ‘Eat the Apples, Watch the Pips.’

Really, enough of this jibberish, as Otis must be leaving for the show. Thanks for reading, and feel free to stop by and see the U2 signature edition iBook (with their real signatures!) at the studio, and hear the rest of the story – because it is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened to old Otis. So, on with the pics – Enjoy!!!!

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All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Way cool!!!!! I was there and got their autographs but did not have my camera. Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. We’re sooooooo happy for you! Another dream come true.

    Fat Al told us he wishes you’d come visit to play some of that cool U2 music – Kacie and Scott just don’t play it as often as you did (every night). Meeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwww!!

    The Buchanan Clan

  3. Oh how wonderful! Congratuations on meeting Adam and the other one and for taking some beaut pics. What a treasure.

  4. What an awesome idea! it never even crossed my mind. Lucky! I think they will remember that because it seems that was never don ebefore.

  5. What a truly wonderful experience! And great pics! 🙂
    They are truly neat people. I can’t imagine what it’s like having so many followers always “after” them, but they sure make the fans always feel like an essential part of the process (which, of course, they are! 🙂 )

  6. HEY!!–I saw you!! I was there!! I had my coat signed, the girl behind me had her purse signed…its a wonder the extent we U2 fans will go!!!

  7. I guess that I-Book won’t get a lot of use after that and will be handled with delicate cotton gloves.


  8. Hey Matthew, er, Otis! (and James!)

    Was just saying hello to your brother via YIM and asked how you were doing . . . he pointed me here to check things out . . . especially the U2 meeting! How strange after all these years to have such a bond over this band that begat our friendships (22 years ago!!!). Glad you are doing well! Drop a line if you ever feel the itch,


  9. BTW, I SAW you sing Beauty School Dropout!!! I think that was the last time I ever set foot in that school . . .

    El Gee


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