DO1MP V.4 . Tierany!

The Otis & James caravan of photographic love pulled into Minot at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, just in time for a session with our good friend – Tierany!

Seriously, we pulled into town, unloaded our cameras, got set up and started shooting. Thank God that we are used to this life of always being on the run, otherwise it would be hard. Tierany, however, made it absolutely as easy as it could be for her session. Seriously, we just turned the cameras on and she just commanded them to photograph, while we sat back and ate cookies.

We got a bunch of grrrrrrrrrrreat photo-s – so we would now like to show them to you – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

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  1. The photographs of T are wonderful, Thank you for capturing the external beauty that matches the internal beauty.
    Penny Smith

  2. Thank you Aunty Penny. I love my pictures too you just have to let me know which ones you like the most and we will get it ordered,


  3. I love the pictures Tierany!! you look so pretty. i hope u and your family are doing well. Praying for you T and your family! love ya


  4. Hey Tierany,
    I love your pictures. They are fantastic. Hope you will give me one. Hopefully they did not only catch you beauty but your personality also because that is also an awesome part of you too. Love ya lots!

    Love your favorite cousin,

  5. Tierany boo!! Ur pics are beautiful lookin like a true diva!! Get it girl! I want all of Love ya!



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