After 42 previous attempts, we finally managed to get in some studio photographs of our old friend Keith this past Tuesday. He (along with friend Casey – but more about her later) made the trek from Watford City, to be able to spend the day with us!

By now, we feel like Keith is family – we’ve even been to his house and met extended family! He was great to work with – his smile lit up the room. Maybe it had to do with the fact that this was also his birthday (I’m sure he anticipated spending his big 18th with Otis & James – because most people do), but he coudn’t have been any friendlier (is that a word?) Due to the extremely super lame weather, we invite you to stop by soon to see the exciting conclusion to the shoot, as we never want to let go of Keith and will do anything to draw it out even longer than it has already been.

I’m going to quit all my talking, and am just going to show you some pics. To Keith, we say Thank You for all of your patience and hard work, and to you the reader – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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