Nathan In The Morning

This morning, Otis & James arose to work with Nathan and his lovely Assistant/Sister! It was a truly beautiful fall morning, and we totally took advantage of it. Not only did Nathan bring his A game to the land of Otis & James, he also brought along a pickup truck that was a true pickup truck. None of this 4 Door luxury afraid to get dirty kind of ‘pickup truck’ that has become all the rage.

No sir, this was a real honest to goodness working hard for the money sort of truck, and Nathan was a real deal honest to goodness working hard for the money sort of Senior. He was totally and completely great to work with! We thank him and Sis for making the trip to see us so early in the AM, and offer up some pics of the day as a reward – Enjoy!

And as a special added treat!
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  1. Nathan, I love the way your pictures turned out. You are soo natural looking in them. I had a lot of fun tagging along with you and Otis and James. Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special time. I am very proud and honored to have been able to be with you, love your sister!!Otis and James, Thank you so much for all the time spent on finding the PERFECT locations for Nathan’s pictures. We love the pics with his truck and the Redneck for Life photo, we have that as a background now. You guys are great and I hope your around HERE for years to come, we have 2 more coming up. Thanks again for a GREAT JOB!! Lynnette

  2. Nathan, awsome pictures. They are so naturally looking and are just the right areas for you. You did a good job! Can not wait to see the rest. Glad to have you as my brother. Peggy
    Otis and James a great job was done I enjoyed looking at the pictures and can not wait to see the rest. Peggy

  3. Nathan, awsome pictures, Boy you look like a stud muffin!! They turn out really great. Cant wait to see the rest of them. Hope to see you soon 🙂

    Love Amy

  4. Nathan In The Morning. Love your pictures. they are just so real and like you. Can’t wait to see the rest of glad your sis lynette was able to go with you but wish i was there. You look great aNd love the outfits.Glad you are my son. love you Mom. Otis and James, you done a great job with the pictures of nathan . I can’t wait to see the rest. great job. Nathan’s mom Janice


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