We had the great pleasure of working with McKinzey this evening! I’ll tell you what, McKinzey seriously had her stuff together. She tore it up mad style. She went crazy on us. Working with McKinzey was the best way for us to end the day!

We totally and completely had a great time working with her, as her total ease with a camera shone through all she did. We want to throw her mad props (see how hip I am by using modern street slang) for being such a gem, and for letting Otis try on so many different items of her clothing; and for letting James be near a sea of purses.

Well, if anybody out there can look at the following photographs and give us a heads up as to what the accurate spelling of Whitney’s name is – it would be greatly appreciated. So, enough crazed ranting, and on with the pics – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

*Special thanks to Deb!

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By otis

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  1. Hey!
    Your pictures look great! I absolutely love your clothes…it must be genetic!
    Luv ya!

  2. The spelling of her name is McKinzey, I know this because I gave her the name at birth. Never thought I’d see the day senior pictures would need to be taken. Time goes too fast. McKinzey had soooo much fun. She really enjoyed her shoot. Matt and Jaime really have away of making people feel right at home! I’ve worked with photographers from all over the United States in the bridal and prom industry, and we should be honoured to have talent like this here in Minot!!!! Lots of positive energy comes from the both of them!!! Thank you for making this a time to remember.

  3. HOTTIE!!!

    What can I say you make me love my freakin’ job!!! But Crazy where the hell is argyle girl?!? I was waiting to see those pics. Thanks for being such a psycho at work. Loved 48 hour trans!! You are SAAAAAWEEEEEEEEETTTT!!!! Love you babe!

  4. Hey kinz, tienes picturas muy buenas. You must have gotten fashion tips from the ”mayor”. No one will understand but us kinz. ENJOY!!

  5. hey mckinzey~!!
    i seen you at old Navy and i was gunna say hi but i wasnt sure if that was you??? but anyways im in school and gotta get to class you ill talk to u later nice pics by the way you have always been really pretty!!

    Casey Ann


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