Yesterday morning we were joined in the Otis & James nerve center by not only the lovely Jacqueline, but also her faithful assistant, Bentley (I don’t know what the story is, but over the past few days we’ve had nothing but really fancy dogs stopping by the studio of late – first Gucci, and now good ol’ Bents!) His friends call him Bents. I’m his friend.

They both came ready to tear it up in the studio and in the ootdoor land that surrounds our studio, and rock it up they both did. We had a great time working with this dynamic duo, and hope that they come by our place again, as they brought sunshine and rainbows with them!

Seeing as how I’ve used the word ‘rainbow’ in this post, I think that it has now become time for us to stop the jibber-jabber and get on with the goods. So – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

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  1. Jacque!
    Holy SMOKIN’! You look hot! Like a…Salsa Dancer! 😉 Pic’s look great! Thanks for letting me drive you to your consiltaion!

  2. Hey Jacqueline,
    You might remember me I’m from Berthold. I saw your pics on here and they are great!

  3. all i can say is aye aye aye….aye aye! AYE CARAMBA! i absolutely ADORE you pics! Youre hotttttttt!
    Luv ya.

  4. O Jacque I absolutly LOVE your pics. You look so cute. I’m glad you’re my “big sis!” You hott twin you! hehe jk. Love ya lots!


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