Saturday Fun v.1

Normally, our world of Otis & James mostly revolves around Weddings and Senior Portraits. Sometimes, we like to shake it up a little bit and throw a little bit of spice into the mix. What kind of spice you ask? Not cumin, or sage, or even paprika (even though I’ve never felt that paprika adds anything other than color), but instead the spice of child.

We could just crawl into our safe place of Weddings and Seniors, but no – that would be too easy. You see, if we want to create a faster, stronger Otis & James, we need to push our creative muscle as far as we can. Even though ol’ Otis is practically afraid of these ‘little persons’, he refuses to let his fear come in the way of anything (I love it when I can refer to myself in the third person.) Take for instance this afternoon, when we had the great pleasure of working with the Stillerman family.

With motorcycles, guitars, and ballerina dresses, they came ready to have a rockin’ good time here in the studio. And let me tell you (all apologies to Dr. Sauer for starting a sentence with ‘and’, and for every other sentence structure and punctuation error that is made upon these pages), rock they did. Special thanks to our two guest assistants for wrangling our little ballerina, and to everyone else out there – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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