The Hills Are Alive…With The Family Vinje!

One Word: Possum

This is really all you need to know about this lovely family.
You see, they ride around in a giant possum, and the day after ingesting thanksgiving delights they travel to the studio of Otis & James for family fun.

We thank them for making the trek in today, and offer up some snaps of the festivities as a sign of our thanks – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Great job you guys! What a good looking family! I’ll be expecting a Christmas card with one of these photos!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hey Vinje’s, looking good! Everyone looks so natural, love them all! Can’t wait to get one for Christmas!

  3. Bo – Absolutely beautiful family – ya’ll have marvelous smiles. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bo,

    Absolutely perfect family portrait. You must be so proud!!!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  5. Phantabulous Fotos!! What a gorgeous group you have Bonita! Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thanx for Sharing!!

  6. what a great looking family. Nice to finally put a face with the voice. A wonderful new year to all.


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