Day Before Day Before Catch Up (DBDBCU)

My fellow bloggers. I’m not sure if there truly is two g’s in bloggers, but blogers looks like it very well could be a part, or a tool, or a part of the Starship Enterprise…but this is all besides the point. I come to you tonight, this eve of eve’s with a little pre Christmas treat. For behold, there is to be this night (which is also six months until my birthday for those of you that are anxiously awaiting that blessed event…anyone…anyone) a Holiday Feast of entries to be made.

So again, I ask you to come down this avenue of treats, this boulevard of delights, this cul de sac of joy, this parkway of fun, this two land divided highway of mediocrity with me, and Enjoy – but only in moderation unless you can provide a valid ID.

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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