DBDBCU v.4 . Andrea Edition

After 16 months of photo shoots, we at Otis & James were sad to conclude the Senior Portraits of our dear old friend Andrea this past Wednesday afternoon. When we started this odyssey, the internet was some sort of a crazy myth, gas was $.85/Gallon, and the times were easy (or actually hard, but we all loved hard work as it brought out more of our rugged individualism.) Plenty has changed since these days, but one thing has remained true. And that is Andrea.

Through it all, she has bee a rock of good poses, excellent outfit changes and good friends (i.e. Michael)! You can find this in her previous posts here and here, and you can find the same thing in this, her final image of the shoot. Our time was spent playing in the snow, and she was (as usual) totally awesome! Come winter, spring and fall, there will always be Andrea, and for that we thank her – Enjoy!

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  1. Jamie and Matt…thank you SO much for being so awesome to work with-I love the spunk and energy you bring every day. Matt..if you ever wanna stop by White Drug, and pick up a little you-know-what…I’d be glad to hook you up. Remember…I’ll be there at 6:01 Wed. AM to pick up my proofs. Till we meet again…keep it real.

  2. Hey Andrea,
    You look amazing in you’re pictures thanks for letting me be the “tag along” for the entierty of the shoot(s)!!

    So, Otis and James – i had a lot of fun with you guys it made the blistering cold fun!( R. Kelly in particular!) Also be looking out for the a shoot with “Michael the Large and in Charge” i should be coming your way any day now!!

    Happy New Year!


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