DBDBCU v.7 . Jon Edition

It seems like it should be called THE Jon Edition, but I hate to break with style – what to do??!! Putting this quandry aside, this afternoon we were joined by our new friend Jon and his assistant (Mom) for some good ol’ fashioned Senior Portraits! It seems like just yesterday that we would run all around this great region with Seniors in the back of shady automobiles in search of the perfect sunset…how time flies.

I will tell you this – scheduling a shoot in December can be a touch and go sort of thing, but today was absolutely gorgeous! I think that it was something like 68º (or maybe in the mid forties – something like that), which isn’t an everyday occurence the day before the day before Christmas. Jon and his assistant were great to work with, and we thank them for making the trek to see us today. We hope that the movie was good (I hear that Kong destroys all of New York and becomes President of the world, or something like that), and we offer up some pics from the day – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. Awesome Jon!!! – however you seem a little “grown up” – comes with being a SENIOR I guess! Your “assistant” does good work 🙂

  2. hey jon! i havn’t talked to you in FOREVER! gimme a call sometime! your pics were reali AWESOME -too bad i couldn’t get one! have a good year! you’re a GREAT guy!


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