Up next for the day was a visit from none other than little man from Sunny San Diego! Even though he could have made the journey solo style, he also took along Ma & Pa for company, and to drive the car. This young man was a total and complete rockstar – he was pulling out poses like Zoolander!

I may not be totally impartial, as this young man is also the nephew of Otis (that sounds like the begats – I was going to link this too but I don’t know how far out there we should go), so my point of view may be somewhat tainted. But I think the photographs speak for themselves, and I think this boy is gonna hit it big!

We want to thank everyone for coming down to the studio and helping make this a great time – Ma, Pa & Grandma were all awesome!

Enough of all this jibber-jabber, and let’s move on to the pics – Enjoy!

All Images ©2005 Otis & James Photography

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  1. You do great work. Seriously great. I love taking pics, but its strictly a hobby and I’m lousy at it 😉 really, I am. But, it is just pics of the kid for their sake to have when they are old and memories aren’t what they used to be.

    Curious what you use for a background in order to get everything white in the back? A professional white screen of some type? I enjoy using photoshop to take out backgrounds in my kids pics, tried a beige sheet…it didn’t work well. I know some use that blue that is comparable to a blue screen used for fx in movies or a similiar green. Do you have any suggestions?

    Love K2!

  2. Stefan-

    Thank you for the kind words! Photography is a great hobby – you’ll never grow tired of it, as there is always something new to be learned!

    As far as the all white background, our studio has a large custom built white wrap-around (from the wall to the floor) background. It’s pretty huge, but it serves our needs well! The same type of affect can be achieved with anything white that can be both behind and underneath your subject – i.e. a sheet, roll of paper, etc.

    I think the best results can be achieved with using a white sheet, but just be sure to not only have light on your subject, but also try to put some light on the background as well. I assume that you are shooting digital, so you should be able to experiment with this and see as you shoot what works and what doesn’t – remember, there’s always something new to be learned!

    Thanks again for taking the time to visit the site and for the kind words!

    K2 Indeed Rocks!

  3. I do believe this baby to be the cutest ever born! I don’t know him….but he is precious and the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!


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