On this past Tuesday a man by the name of Jeff and his faithful assistants (Ma & Bro) stopped by the Otis & James Super Center for a little photographic fun! Indeed, that description makes it sound like we are a studio still living in the seventies, and that somewhere in our logo there should be some really bad clip-art of a camera with something crazy popping out of the top of it – like a bird or something zany like that. Rest assured, fellow bloggers, this is not the route that we will be taking.

Getting back to our ‘photographic fun’, it was indeed for the taking on this pleasant afternoon. Jeff was in fine form, ready to set the dial to eleven, and it truly showed! Jeff was awesome, and his family was a pleasure as well. We would like to thank this group for making the trip to ot-ja land (ot-ja, I like indeed!), and we will now offer up a steaming hot plate of photographic fun for all – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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