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All I Want For New Years…

Is two front teeth. Not for the same person, but for two different people. I don’t know if you’re out there, tooth fairy (is it still OK to call it – and no offense by it, it’s just that I’m not sure on the whole him/her thing – that?), but if so, we’re at Six North Main. There’s a sign on the building, pretty easy to find.

The boys that you’re looking for go by the last name ‘Bechtold’.

Gods Speed, You Old Fairy.

Jamie & Brittany (am I being forced out – I mean, my name comes first??) had the great pleasure of working with the Children of Bechtold this past morning, and judging by the final product I would say that fun was had by all!

We thank these young men for taking time out from their day for us, and wish them many more teeth in the years to come – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Nate & Tara

This past Saturday, New Years Eve, we Otis & James had the great honor of being the wedding photographers for our good friends, Nate & Tara! We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and could hardly wait for the big day.

We started off the festivities in our studio, where we were joined by a multitude of people – the studio was where it was going on. It was the hottest ticket in town, and this group of people that we worked with were ready to rock, and rock they did!

We had a great time, from the studio to the church, the party bus to the reception, it was an absolutely beautiful day – and of course it would be, because of this beautiful couple!

We want to thank Nate & Tara, and their families for being so great to work with, and we wish this couple a heartfelt congratulations – Enjoy!

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All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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Scott & Kristin

This past Friday afternoon we welcomed Scott & Kristin (and special guest puppy) to the Otis & James Compound of Good Times – and good times were indeed to be had!

We had a great time working with this great couple (I’m going heavy on the greats, I know), and we thank them for taking the time to be with us on this pleasant afternoon. Well, enough of the of these letters that make words, let’s move to the pixels that make pics – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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