Darrin & Virginia…Flying Through The Air With Skill and Ease.

This past Friday, our day came to a splendid close as the O&J Center for the Rythmically Inclined was paid a visit from our old friend Virginia – and she brought along her special friend Darrin for some super-sweet-totally-rockin Valentine Portraits (even though the date has passed, the special runs all month – ‘The love lasts all month!’)! Seriously, I just make up punctuation rules as I see fit. I’m a trail blazer like that.

Moving on, we knew from our previous work with Virginia that she was a total photo rocker, but we found out that these photo rocking skills also carried over to significant others! Let me break that down for you – they both rocked! You know, it’s not just enough to talk about all these things and what not, let’s instead activate our eyeballs and move them a little lower to see some of the goods – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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