Dan & Lindsey!

Our day on Saturday came to a thrilling conclusion with a visit from new friends of Otis & James, Dan & Lindsey! Technically, I think that James already knew Dan, and Lindsey is related to one of the Otis & James original clients (you know who you are!)

This fun-loving couple came down the the superstudio and made it their own. They rocked, they rolled, and one of the members of this duo could even match the Otis level of U2 dedication (you know who you are too – I think that there may be a double pun in there.) We want to thank this lovely couple for coming down and giving us such a great end to the day – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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By otis

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  1. Hello Otis and James!

    Great pictures!! This is exactly how they act in person. Fun, loving and a little eccentric…in a perfect sort of way! I know they were excited about the pictures as we all were. Can’t wait until it’s my turn!

  2. Isn’t that dreamy?? And teamy!! Like pizza. And cake. These two are so dreamy, maybe they should get married or something! 😉

    Fun pictures– where are the rest of them?? Tell me how to find them!!


  3. Thanks so much for the great pictures! You guys made it totally fun and laid back for some girl who normally hates to have her picture taken(ME). Thanks again! You guys rock!


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