And concluding our Monday Morning Senior Madness was the lovely Jolene! In case you didn’t know, this senior and the two before her came down to the superstudio together – sort of a three birds one stone sort of thing!

We would like to thank these three for making time for us this morning (and early afternoon), and for not just coming down to the studio but for coming back! We had a great time working with them, as they couldn’t have been any more gracious or easy to work with (especially once the men retired to the couches!) Well, enough of all this ramblin’ on, so let’s move on to the pics – Enjoy!

All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

Author: otis

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3 thoughts on “Jolene!”

  1. hey yolene..u are BEAUTIFUL..i love your pictures and u better wear that sweatshirt to school sometime..u look WONDERFUL



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