Variety Show Super Post!!!

We took a break from the O&J Supercenter for the Advancement of Humanoids and made a visit to the High School, for the Variety Show!! We didn’t have things like this in my High School. This group of students was just filled with unbelivable amounts of talent. – and lo and behold we actually knew some of them (not that these two things are related)!

See if you can find some of our past Seniors – there’s Jenna, Jared, Katie, Wade, Kayla, Alison, Mark, soon to be Senior/Brother of Jamie/First Person to Ever Post on the Blog – Andy, and friend of Otis & James – Travis!! We had a great time and were thoroughly entertained by all – so we thought we’d post some snaps from the night – Enjoy!

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All Images ©2006 Otis & James Photography

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  1. That guy in the cowboy hat has a mad wicked body. Honestly, why aren;t there more pictures of him. The blonde BeeGee isn’t halfbad either. I wish that red-head was my friend, I bet he gets all the ladies. *sigh* I LOVE VARIETY SHOW.

  2. Was one of the best shows that I have been at. The pictures are outstanding. Kudos to all of the preformers. Keep up the good work with the photography, you really know how to capture the life of the pictures.


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