Für Elise

The award for lamest/most obvious post title goes to…Otis, from Otis & James Photography!

I always knew that I had this in me…I’ve always been known around these parts for noticing obvious things. I’m just so thankful that my obviouscitiousness can be shared with you, my fellow bloggerites.

In regards to what this post is about, a lovely young woman that we shall call ‘Elise’ (I’ve got a thing for the ” today) stopped by the Otis & James Center for Mac & Cheese Research (mostly researched by James) for some superfantasticphotographs!

She rocked it up, which seems crazy as she didn’t even know any JBJ!!!! That’s Jon Bon Jovi for you loooooooooooosers out there. I’m sorry, it’s not nice to call those not fortunate enough to know the ways of JBJ names. He teaches us this through his lyrics.

We would like to thank Elise for the cookies (bringing cookies is always good, I will not stop you from bringing cookes), and for being such a treat to work with! Enough. Enough of all this insanity, let’s get to the snaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Elise! I was so excited to do my daily block check and find your BEAUUUTIFUL pic on it! VERY clever name on Otis and James behalf!!!


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