The Family Lewis

Yesterday afternoon the Otis & James Center for the Study of Pickled Herring (O&JCFTSOPH) opened up the doors and welcomed the lovely and gracious Family Lewis!

We have previously worked with one of the members of this clan – and we knew she was a real jem (do people still say that?), but we had no idea that the whole fam would be such a treat to work with!

We had a great time, and the laughs kept a-comin’ as we triggered a flash via the camera, for the purpose of exposing a digital sensor with a bunch of information which is in turn transfered to a computer and is then transfered to your computer where you can sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy these same images which just mere hours ago were real events. Crazy.

We would like to thank this awesome family for taking time to visit us, and we would now like to offer up some snappy-snaps from the day – Enjoy!

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