This past Tuesday afternoon we had the good fortune of meeting up with the one & only Audrey! She, along with her entourage (Pa & Sis – do people still call their fathers Pa?) stopped by the SuperFunCenter for some, as they name implies, Super Fun Snaps!

After shedding a couple of tears, we got down to business. Audrey rode her bike like good ol’ Lance Armstrong, and while Otis acted like some sort of a Monkey in order to get a cheap laugh – good ol’ Otis, always the one with the lampshade on the head.

Well, seeing as how I am refering to myself in the third person, I think that it’s time that we moved on to the snappy snaps – Enjoy!

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  1. Audrey….you are so good at riding your bike!! Great job taking your pictures. 🙂 I love you!

    Matt and Jamie…you did a wonderful job with Audrey. She still talks about the Grumpy Monkey. If you ever get tired of photography, I’m sure you could be very successful as a toddler entertainer!!

  2. Audrey-
    You have such a sweet smile, and you look so happy riding your new bike!! Your pictures are awesome–I’m excited to pick one out for our living room wall!!!
    I love you so much… Grandma Lana


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