Rockin’ The Monday Blues Away With Jeremy & Chelsie!

There have been songs written, references made to, and all sorts of other things that relate to the lack of love there is for Mondays. Nobody seems to like them. The weekend comes to an end, and instead of a fresh start, it seems that people view these days with a dread.

Now me, I’m not all a hater of the Monday. I’ve never really had..actually…I’ve never had a job that’s Monday-Friday, with two days of rest in which you can do all that weekend sort of stuff (go to the cabin/mow the lawn/catch a ball game/whatever.) I’ve never had that sort of thing, so I can’t really relate to the whole lack of love that there is for this day. Me, personally, I have it in for Tuesday. Dang you, Tuesday. I know what you’re up to, and someday I’ll show the world the truth about you.

But for those of you that don’t have the love for the Mons (again, this is the hip new abbreviation), I present to you a lovely couple that just happens to be called Jeremy & Chelsie! Now, you see, they came to the studio this fine morning (closer to noon, but still considered early A.M. ((and I’m not talking Amplitude Modulation)) by our standards) for some sweetly sweety sweets Engagement Photo-Graphs!

Bear witness, y’all – they were working it like a Friday. Like a Friday Happy Hour, no worries in sight – nothin’ but love for one and all! What does all of this stuff that comes in the form of somewhat but not quite linear form mean?? It means this: they rocked, and we could think of no better way to start the week! Lot’s of thanks to this lovely couple for coming on down to the FunCenter, and we would now like to offer up some proof from the festivities – Enjoy!

All Content ©2006 Otis & James Photography

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Hey you two,
    I can’t even express how impressed I already am with the pictures! Thank you so much for a wonderful morning and making everything so easy and fun. I am glad to hear we made your Monday fun, you definetly started our week out on a very high note! We just Love you!! can’t wait until the proofs come in!
    Chelsie and Jeremy

  2. Holy! How cute are you guys! VERY! ahh..i’m so excited for you two. love ya!

  3. Hey you cutie patuties!
    just thought i would check this out! U guys are the cutest i love the pictures you have going on up there!..i mean wow chelsie i remember 11 years ago..yes 11 years ago..when u TURNED 10 YEARS OLD it was like the first times we were around each other and our parents starting hookin up..i mean now look at you ur a beatuiful women getting ready to get married! i mean thats craziness..i mean everything just goes by to fast these days and its just so happy for you..and now that you urself is just happy ..i mean why woudlnt u be you have found ur one and only and you jeremy u are very lucky to have met such a sweetheart like my sista chelsie ray!..Its so cute how much u love her and she loves you and having you around this family is goign to be the best! i cant wait there are so many memories to share together as a family and its gunna rock..then in a million bajillion years you guys will be coming to my wedding! even think that far ahead and i really dont want to lifes going by to fast already i want it to slow down dang it!..bUt i think ive wrote enough..i love you both you rock my rocks off lets keep it that way!
    good luck with the futures babes! love ya lots your sister aMBeR LyN**


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