Cameron & Ashley…Rock Stars of the Highest Order!

Most people don’t know that there is an order to rock stars. For example, there are your Bonos & Springsteens, and on the other end there are your Sebastian Bachs & Vanilla Ices. Those in the first category command attention whenever they walk in the room, and those of the second command attention in the same way that a car crash does.

Not that I have anything against Sebastian or ‘nilla (I think he goes by a different name now, but I’ve got not the time for getting all Wikipedia on him) – in fact, I used to really like a couple of songs from the Skid Row days (18 & Life/I’ll Remember You.) It’s just that their road has taken some different turns, and even though they have the celebrity, it only goes so far.

How do I know all of this about rock stars? Simple. I’ve had a subscription to RollingStone for a long time, hence – I am an authority about Rock Stars, and how their rank and order works. Now, you’re probably looking at these words and wondering, ‘How does this relate in any way to Cameron & Ashley?’ Again, simple.

For even though they did not come to the studio with guitars, or drums, or even a keytar, we knew from the second they came in that they were indeed, in the highest order of rock stars. They owned the shoot, they turned the amps to 11, they blew our minds with their photographical insanity. Quite simply, they rocked, and they rolled. Both. Not just one. Sometimes, it’s one or the other. This time, both.

But really, now is not the time for words, now is the time for photographic proof of these statements. So – Enjoy!

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  1. Wow!!! These are unbelieveable pics!! Not only are Ash & Cam beautiful to look at, they are just as or even more beautiful on the inside!! I love these pics!! Lou Lou


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