Jon & Brenda!

Tuesday evening, Otis & James had the good fortune of spending some good ol’ fashioned quality time with new friends of O&J – Jon & Brenda! Before they stopped down here, they made one quick stop at the Courthouse.

No, it was not to pay off parking fines, or to be a witness in some crazy trial. No, it was to get…wait for it…MARRIED! As soon as they finished up with the legalities, they stopped on down to the studio, where the new Mr. & Mrs (and the Best Man/Maid of Honor) joined us for some super sweet Wedding Day Snaps!

They came ready with a ton of ideas, and they couldn’t have been any easier to work with! They showed us city kids (especially Otis) all sorts of cool stuff with roping a wooden cow (which I’m sure is not what it is called, but I’ll call it the wooden cow) and other various cowboy type things.

We also managed to sneak outside, just in time to catch the best sun of the day – it was absolutely picturesque, and it’s a good thing that we are photographers so we could put the picturesque stuff into a camera. A big thank you to one and all for coming down to the studio and for making the end of our day so great! To the newlyweds, a hearty congratulations, and – Enjoy!

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  1. awesome pictures, wonderful job, can’t find a thing wrong with any of these.
    If I were getting married you are the ones I would want doing the photos. Of course, you had two wonderful people to pose for you Congradulations Jon and Brenda. I hope you have a long and wonderful life together.


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