Family Fun with the Friendly Family Horn!

Last Wednesday (I know, it’s been a week!!) our day came to a totally rockin’ close with a visit from the Family Horn! Now, I’m not sure if this is the last name of every one that is a part of this shot, I am just hoping it is. If it is not, you could easily take a piece of masking tape, block out the name on your monitor, and write the correct name on top of the tape. This is much less destructive than my previous idea of actually taking a Sharpie™ to your monitor.

Moving on, we had a great time with this absolutely wonderful family, and we would like to thank them for choosing to come together in our studio for some good ol’ fashioned family snaps! Now, we would like to present to you out there in blog world some sample snaps of the festivities – and remember…a Friend of Buck is a friend of ours…Enjoy!

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