The Family Undlin!

This past Monday (Holy Cow, where does the time go???) the FunCenter for the Advancement of All Things Fun (FCFTAOATF) opened up the doors and let in the SuperFantabulousticuly Wonderful Family Undlin, for some good ol’ fashioned Undlin Family Pictures (portraits always makes me think of something really stuffy, and involving a wicker chair with one of those high and rounded backs…if you know what I’m tallin’ ’bout)!

They came down ready to show this town just how it is that family snaps are taken. I can say, without doubt, that they accomplished their goals, and did it up right. We now devote this sentence to sending out a big ol’ thank you to the fam for coming down and spedning a little quality time with us, and we now would like to take a look at some sample snaps – Enjoy!

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