Did You Think You Could Just Leave Me Like That???

Huh?? Did Ya???

I suppose that this might just be the thought that has been crossing the collective minds of all out there in the world of blog. You know, the thought that it’s just typical – the whole ‘build me up to break me down’ sort of thing.

I don’t blame you for having these feelings, but I’m promising you something – I’m gonna change. You just gotta give the O&J FunCenter just one more chance. I mean, think of the good times we’ve all had…Jimminy Christmas…we’re called the FunCenter. Just trust us. Actually, I’ll even show you how serious we are. Prepare thyselves for an innundation of blog entries, each one better than the next, all of them just as prescious as any other.

Get ready, because we are about to enter a new era of acronyms, this one will be called DYTYCJLMLT (because of the title, natch.)

Peace Out

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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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