DYTYCJLMLT v.11 :: The Holly Edition

This past Tuesday ended with a visit from the superwonderlisciouls Holly, for some spectacular Senior Snaps! Let me give you the straight dope on this, I’m not going to sugar coat, or try to use a bunch of fancy adjectives, I’m just shooting straight on this one: Holly totally rocked it up on the shoot. Straight up.

I mean, I could continue to blather on and on (in a way that many of you out there in the land of blog are familiar with) about this, that, or the other thing, but I think that we would not be doing justice to the awesomosity that is the photo-graphs of Holly. Does that make any sense? What I’m going to say now will.

We thank Holly for being such a total and complete rock-star, and would now like to offer up some sweet sweet sample snaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. ow! ow!! OUCH!!


    you are so stunning!

    ironically, the pose against the fence is the same stance otis uses while bird watching and admiring nature.


  2. ahhhhh! love them! you are amazingly beautiful! i better be getting some of them!


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