Pre-Wedding Sneak-Peak (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Good friend of O&J, Tammy, is getting married this Friday – but I’ll tell you what; this past Thursday we did a little dress rehearsal down at the FunCenter for Fun! The results – fantastic!!

Now, if you all promise to pretend like you didn’t see any of these, and that if when you seen her on Saturday you will act totally suprised, I’ll let you see just a little bit….but you gotta promise that it will only be a sneak…like…hold your fingers over your eyes, and just open them a little teeny bit, and look down. Promise??? Alright, put your fingers up…get ready…now look down.

NOW STOP LOOKING!!! You gotta wait ’till Saturday to see the rest! Alright, now get back to work, and let’s pretend like nothing out of the ordinary happened at all.

otis out

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