Old Friends!

Time it was time and it was time and it was a happy time, or something like that, or maybe that’s another song…I am thinking that it should be something about a parkbench, and bookends. Alright, I don’t have time to consult my Simon & Garfunkel songbook that I normally carry with me. Like, I would just love to be that guy at the party that is quick to help out when people are trying to sing along to ‘The Boxer’, but all they know is the ‘Li Li Li’ part of the song. But I forgot it, alright, now leave me alone. Looking at that title with my favorite form of punctuation, the exclamation point just sitting there on the end all looking happy and shocked as it so often does, I think that more songs or creative works could have been kicked up that extra notch had the punctuation just been changed a little bit. Like, there’s this band called ‘Metallica’, and they have this song called ‘Fade To Black’. Now, how much more exciting could it have been if they had instead called it ‘Fade To Black!’ There could have been a real Broadway flair to that song, something I could have really tapped my feet to. Oh well.

Oh Yeah – we had some old friends (together they are old friends, and one of them ((see if you can guess which one)) is a double old friend of O&J) stop down to the FunCenter for the Study of Fun for some supertakctulary Friendly Friend Snaps!

THEY ROCKED QUADRUPLE HARD! Sho Nuff. Daaaaaaaang. And I’m gonna leave it at that – Enjoy!

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  1. I can’t wait to see the rest! I love them!! Thanks for helping us out on such short notice! YOU GUYS ARE BOMB!!!!!!


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