Our day of work on the normal day of rest (the one & only Day of Sun, Sunday) continued with a visit from the truly wonderfuliscious Brayda! Normally, I would be all bleak on doing a Sunday shoot, but due to some previous weather issues, we did a little bit of the old ‘re-adjust’ and made a little time…and thank goodness golly (I’m not sure that there are any religions based on goodness golly, but maybe we should start one) that we did, because the results were crazy good!

We ventured all about, to and fro with Brayda in search of that one and only sweetest of sweet shots, and we didn’t just get one, oh no, our nets were filled with shot after shot of nothing but beauty. One could say, if one was so inclined, that our nets (not that we really use nets to catch photo-graphs, but it would make things a little more interesting if we did) were overflowing with totally sweet Senior Snaps!

We had a great time with Brayda, and we would now like to put an end to all of these non-sensical words, and move straight to the snaps – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Brayda*
    Your Pictures are really good!! I love the one in the black dress, very cute!! You will have to bring them into to work when you get to see the others!

  2. HOTT pictures Brayda i cant wait to see more! we need to hang out more i miss math class! haha cya

  3. Brayda! your pictures are adorable! i like the 2nd and 4th the best! they are totally you! very cute! great job o and j!

  4. Brayda,

    This is Kellie, you know, ur bff. I just wanted you to know that you look beautiful…and that partly makes me angry because you have Teddy and I don’t. Oh well its alrite. I will get over it. But did I mention that your pictures are amazing? Yeah, nice work,

    Love ur BFF,


    P.S. Maybe you could share him, just once??? 😉

  5. yowza! i heart the first and last one the best, you look super gnarly in all of them.

  6. Brayda!
    aah i love your pictures! i think the third one is my favorite..they’re all so cute though! i can’t wait to see the others. you’re such a doll!
    xoxo laura

  7. Brayda you gorgeous piece of meat! haha I can’t get over how adorable your pictures are! By the looks of it every single on of them is absolutely stunning-good luck on picking them out!


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