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The Otis & James Caravan of Love Tour 2006 pulled out of the Minot station this past week, and headed toward the far away land of Cinncinnattiicinncatti…uhh…I’m not quite sure how to spell it, but I do know that it was right on the border of good ol’ Can-Tuckee!! YEE-HAW!!

What was the reason for this supertrip of all supertrips, you may be asking yourself? You may ask yourself, how do I work this? You may ask yourself, where is that large automobile? Wait, wait, that’s not this song. This song is not a rebel song, this song is about the incredibly gorgeous dynamic duo of Josh & Sarah!

Sarah is the longlonglonglonglong-time-old-friend of our very own James, so she not only got to be a photo-grapher, she also had the great, great honor of being a part of this special day for her friend. Alright, that’s getting a little on the too sappy side, and I think that it’s best if we veer from the sappy, and instead focus on what a gorgeous group of peeps we got to work with over this past week!

James has reported to me that she had an absolutely stupendous time, and I’m here to report that the road trip of all road trips (and I’m giving a shout-out to my main man Andy for riding shotgun throughout) was a wonderful experience, and this awesome day with Josh & Sarah was a truly epochal moment for everyone!

Much love to all involved, (there’s too many to name, but y’all know who you are!), and to the Bride & Groom, thank you for letting us be a part of this day – Alright, no more sap – Enjoy!

Don’t forget to click the link at the end of this post offering more of Josh & Sarah…oh, and remember, be sure to git you some Joop!

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  1. Thank you guys so much for coming all the way down to Cincinnati and taking tons of pictures throughout the weekend! The pictures look amazing!!! We can’t wait to see the others, we are sure that they will look just as or even more beautiful than these. Talk to you soon.

    Love you lots, Sarah & Josh

  2. AAAWWWWW!!! You look so BEAUTIFUL, Sara! Josh – what a handsome groom! But – the thing I like the MOST about all the photos I’ve seen of your wedding – is the look of LOVE in both your eyes!!! You’re both truly blessed to have found each other!


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