Thursday in the AM Wit’ Stephanie!

Ahh shucks, man…I love it when I can speak hip/hop in the blog titles! As this totally fresh (that means ‘cool’ for all of you squares out there) post title suggests, this past Thursday (now I’m talkin’ ’bout the one past, not the current version) morn’, we spent a little quality time with the one and only Stephanie!

Our mission, which we so accepted, was to get some reallyawesometotallysweet Senior Snaps of this wonderful person! Does person sound too informal? I didn’t want to say ‘wonderful lady’, because that sounds too weird and old person, and ‘wonderful girl’ sounds like she will be entering grade school this year, so I think that I will just stick with person. I guess I could have said ‘wonderful humanoid’, but that sounds a little too scientific.

Alright, now that we’re settled on that, we had a great time working with Stephanie, as we traveled far and wide in search of the snaps, and I can say with confidence that we got ourselves plenty, in fact, we got ourselves a boat-load (which, if you happen to have a thick North Dakotan accent, is a word that you should stay away from) of awesome snaps!

As the saying goes, you didn’t come here to read some sort of digital chicken scratches on your monitor, you came here to look at some totallysweetsnaps, so – Enjoy!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous! i love your pictures. good job o&j! my favorite is the first one! super amazing!

  2. Steph love the pics you look so cute i love the one when you are wearing the brown and teal outfit you look great !


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