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…and then on the Saturday Saturday past, it was time for us to spend a little bit of o&j quality time with none other than the wündercouple themselves…Ash & Rachel! Now, if you are a good student of the blog, you should know that we’ve already taken their, so this would mean that it was now time for the main event! But, if you are a slacker student (like your Uncle Otis is…), then I will just straight up tell you, it was their wedding. But seriously, if you didn’t know this from just glancing down the page, you may want to seek medical attention because your head wound appears to be getting worse.

Ummmmm…moving on…it was their wedding! Hip Hip…Hooray! We have worked with this wonderful couple before, in fact, the superlovely Bride was even in a wedding of one of her Bridesmaids that we shot this summer, except the Bridesmaid was a Bride, and vice-versa…uhhh…well, you can figure this out. She was an awesome Bridesmaid (well, she was the Maid of Honor, to be factual) – in fact, her speech she gave at the reception was one of the best, if not the best, Bridesmaid speech that I’ve ever heard at a wedding. I’ve heard many. Many of them come after much libation intake, and many of them are sobbing, meandering, structually unsound, and loooooooong (remember, future bridesmaids, there is no reason to mention any previous boyfriends/engagements/husbands…ever). Not Rachel. Oh no, she was in control, concise, easy to understand, and came in at about the three minute mark. Perfect! Have I gone off the tracks here?? Alright, back to the subject.

So it came as no suprise to us that this wedding, the wedding of Ash & Rachel was an absolutely lovely event! Well planned, with much thought put into all of the details – again, perfect! And that was how the whole day was, absolutely perfect – and it made our job one of ease, as we just showed up and they did all the rest! We would now (and when I say we, I mean all of my different personalities) like to spend a moment giving thanks to this wonderful couple, their wedding party and their families for making our day wonderful, and to all you friendly glowing people of the blog (you really should have that glow checked out, have you been near radiation lately?) – Enjoy!

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  1. Rach & Ash…
    Since we are in AL, obviously weren’t around for your big day… you guys look great!! Regs is getting so big, a little lady! Beautiful family you all make!! Best wishes,


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