Shucks, man…it’s time for us to take a looksie at some more supersweetseniorsnaps, and this time our guest of honor is none other than good friend of Otis & James, none other than the lovely and talented Aubrey!

She continues in our Series of Siblings (SOS, if you would like) that have come through the FunCenter For Fun (FCFF, if you would like) this year, and in keeping with this tradition, not only did she rock as hard as those which went before her, she continued in the dream that is our existence and improved upon [read: rocked harder, as she was shown the ways of SeniorSnaps by her equally lovely and talented older sistah] this previous work.

Let me break down that last jumbled mess of words that was that previous paragraph: she rocked, straight up, no doubts, and since we had worked with her before, we knew she would rock tough. I think that I have used the word ‘rock’ over 72 times in the past three paragraps. That’s incredible.

So, before this post devolves into me just going ‘Rock, rock rock rock ROCK RoCk!’, me thinks it be time to offer up a big plate of thanks to Aubrey for being so wonderful and gracious to work with, and to all of you out there in your data receiving stations – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. haha aubrey i’m not gonna lie the first thing i looked for was the eye. but they did a good job in not making it show. and you look beautiful. so very good job. and hook me up with one huh!!!

  2. aubrey! I love your pictures! Beautiful!! I really like the 3rd one! So cute! See ya at space aliens..ughh…

  3. Browner!!! you look gorgeous, its probly the hispanic in ya! jk but no really there some hott pics!

  4. i wish they woulda posted the eye pic…but alas…nice pics but mine were way cooler!! cuz ya kno, i was in them! luv yas!

  5. hey aubrey-we don’t reali talk but you ARE REALLI pretty! these pictures reali are awesome & make your eyes look gorgeous! have fun this year! make it count!

  6. SICK! thats disgusting. no just kidding, there is a good one love u buhbye and jess says she loves u more

  7. hey aubrey look over here…….both eyes……….muahahaha…..BURN…….nice pics 🙂

  8. Hey there sexy, they all blow dogs for dimes. No just kidding they’re pretty well dun my fellow puerto RICAN!

  9. WOW! Look at ya, you’re looking pretty good in this pictures girl. I’ll have to sign up for some of these pictures then!


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