The Family Vincent!

Sometimes, all you gotta do is open up the doors to the FunCenter, and stand back. This is what we did with the Family Vincent, for they came into our lives one fine evening not so long ago, but yet long ago enough that the day itself seems to be a little foggy, but again, many days in my life seem to be a little foggy, perhaps what I need are life fog lights.

As I was saying before my tangent interupted was that we opened up the doors of the FunCenter to this absolutely wonderfullllllysuperfamily, and we just stood back whilst they turned on their magic. Like, I’m not sure what the dilly-yo is, but it seemed to me that they had been practicing the finer arts of family portraits, like, Dad had some hard-core practice sessions with the whole fam, running over all sorts of different poses they could work through.

This had to be how it was, because I don’t know of any other way that they could have rocked this hard!! Did you see that, two exclamation points!!! Make that three!!!! Crap!!!!! I’m stuck in some sort of a space/time loop thang…must…break…free. Alright, as I was saying, our time with this fam was sweet, and all to fleeting, and filled with love & hugs! Much love to all members of the Family Vincent for being so crazygood to work with, and to all of you peeps out there in the land of blog – Enjoy!

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