Ryan & Jenice!

On this Wednesday Wednesday past (I’m not going to start up the WayBack Machine, as it is currently in the shop being pimped out…dayum!), our day come to a wonderful conclusion as we were visited by a wonderful couple that goes by the wonderful (whoa…I think that I may have just committed a flagrant abuse of the word wonderful there…I need to apologize, first, to my fans, because they need to have role models that will not let them down like this, and secondly, I need to apologize to the National Adjective Council, because even though they have warned me of the dangers, or pitfalls, of being part of such acts, I blatantly disregarded their instructions and went right ahead and thought that I could use ‘wonderful’ three times in the same sentence. We need to move forward from here, but I doubt that we’ll ever be the same…) name of Ryan & Jenice!

Ahh, man, I’ll tell you something…this loverly couple were simply splendid to work with, and the truth of this, shines through the sample photo-graphs that are waiting just a few more sentences away. But we gotta wait just a little bit before we get to the goods, as we have to take a little bit of time to thank Ryan & Jenice for stopping by the FunCenter for our sessionofsnaps, and I’d even like to thank all of you shining stars out there in the land of blog for going the distance with me. I don’t know what that means, but I really feel it. So, with this in mind – Enjoy!

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