SSHM v.2 :: The Family Overby!

I defy you, all you out there in the land of blog, I defy you to look at the bottom photograph and now feel something welling up inside of you that sounds like ‘awwwwwwww’. You may have thought that you were incapable of feeling such things, you may have thought that the big city has jaded you to all that is prescious and lovely in the world, but this lovely young lady should snap you right out of it.

Oh…and the parents were pretty sweet too! In fact the whole of the family Overby was perfection, and that’s the straight dope, from a straight shooter (me). We would now like to thank this lovely family for stopping by the Center for the Study of Fun and Fun Type Activities, Such As Sledding and Popsicle Making (CFTSOFAFTASASAPM), and we wish them all the best this Holiday Season – Enjoy!

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