SSHM v.4 :: The Family Hight!

Alright, Alright…Alright! The good times just kept on a comin’ at the FunCenter this past Saturday, as we welcomed the Family Hight inside of our festive confines! Dad had been down here before, but that was business…this time it was nothing but pleasure as he, and his super lovely family came on down for some totallyawesomefamilysnaps!

If you want to know the truth (and, I’m pretty sure that most of you out there are seekers of the truth, or at least the truth as Otis sees it), we actually just put the camera on a tripod, stood back, and let this totally awesome family do all of the work. Seriously. They were that good. They had a veritable playbook of ideas, and all of them were brilliantly executed. The months of preparation paid off, in spades.

We had a wonderful time working with this lovely fam, and we wish them all the best this holiday season, and to all of you all of you all of you all out there in the enchanted land of blog – Enjoy!

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