Let’s see here…hmmm…alright, I think that I remember how these blog things work again. If I am correct, we had somebody come down to the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun (and sometimes, not for fun, but we try to keep things of that nature at bay, but sometimes the struggle is epic, or epoch, but I don’t know if that word could really work in a situation like this), and then we took some pictographs (which, I’ll have you know, is actually what this new era of ‘Digital Photography’ is going to be called…the days of Photo-graphs have passed us by…perhaps…I am using the ellipsis too much…but I can’t help myself here), and then the person went on their way, and we took their magical and fantastical images and put them onto a computer, and perhaps even a DVD as long as we’re all about their images, and then we shrunk them down to a size that is much nicer for all of the faithful of the blog to view on their home computing devices, and from those new smaller images we then said, “Ah Ha! These are the images that shall be on what we like to call…the blog…(there I go with those ellipsis), and then they are ‘sweeted-up’ (which, as long as I’m having you know about these new technical terms, is what post-production work on images is going to be known as…stick with me, friend, stick with me…((somebody remove the period key from my keyboard)), and then they are put into what is called ‘the internet’, and I’m not even going to explain how that works, because there is a fairly good chance that your mind will expand to the point of just straight near blowing up, and we don’t need that now, do we…ugh…ellipsis, and from there they are grabbed, converted to some lines of code, put into the blog, I put some crazical nonsensical and far from Seusical writing along with these fine, fine images, and then I push a button…albeit a virtual button…I might have a problem with the ellipsis, and the whole world, or at least a small fraction of it will then go to said blog, and look at images which should, if our calculations were correct, bring a sense of warmth to their hearts. Yes. It’s all coming back to me.

Todd, he straight up rocked. We had a great time working with him, and we’d like to give an o&j shoutout to him for taking some time away from his life, and devoting it to us…albeit just a small fraction. Without any further delay, Todd – Enjoy!

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  1. MMMM nice todd. You look so handsome…, im not gay. Looks like ol’ otis and james hooked you up. I want one of every single one, they are so good šŸ™‚

  2. Todd…prr. Nice senior pics. I’m loving the one w/ the tie. You look so positively…Ralph Lauren. Loves it!

  3. My Replies:

    First Pic: Take it Off!

    Second Pic: good looking bum on the street

    Third Pic: Go Firestorm!

    Fourth Pic: cold? i would say HOT!

    Nice pics todd, i really like them! they turned out great, I would like to see some more, so I can make more comments!

  4. I love your senior pics! O man this makes me really sad though, because it means your a senior šŸ™ and I don’t want you to graduate!
    Well maybe in 2 years I will see you in Grand Forks. Anyways great pics I better get one!:)

  5. hey toddley…why didnt u tell me that ur pictures were like amazing! i think u look absolutely adorable and u better bring them to some game so i can look at them all cuz im gettin more than one:) haha

  6. Toddy
    your a hottie with a body haha that rhymed anyways what the heck are all these chicks leavin you comments for you know im the only one for you:) see ya tomorrow in school good day

  7. yeah, so im not sure if i did that right, but i LLOOVVEE these. and it’s only a small portion of your awesomeness in your pictures haha (assuming the other ones are just as good). senior year…ugh, we’re growing up. but no fear…we’ll hang out in UND!!!

  8. o&j thanks! I had a good time at the FunCenter:D I didn’t think taking pictures could be that fun! Thanks again…

  9. christ almighty todd you look good in those pics, i mean i knew you were a good lookin man but my god gimme a break…i especially like the calvin klein ad at the top of all the pics there, very sexy

  10. Hey Todd!
    Sorry I haven’t replied on here yet…it’s about time I know. Your pics are awesome. My favorite ones are the first and third. I better get some of these!
    Have a great weekend!


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