Alright Alright Alright. Are we reaching? Call from Mr. Floyd to Mrs. Floyd. Hello? What…what’s that? We are! Goody good then! Let us begin our post!

This past week (do you really need to know when exactly it was that the pics were taken. Like, do you have the HomeEdition of The FunCenter, and you can have your own at home calendar of the schedule of events at The FunCenter on any given moment…because, if somebody is making some money off of the HomeEdition FunCenter, we need to get a cut, because…it’s like, our FunCenter) the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and we welcomed our new friend, none other than the superfriendly David to its confines!

And do you know what we did? We didn’t make homemade jam, or even can some watermelon. No no no. We took some supersweetseniorsnaps, and David was great to work with!

The Ladies of James (that would be Kinzo & Jamie) had a wonderful time working with him, and all of us at the FunCenter would like to thank David for giving a lil’ bit of his time to us. Now, let us move on from these words that most often don’t make sense, and instead look at the shiny snaps – Enjoy!

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