Uhhhhhh Yeaaaaahhhh.


What can I say about this young man that hasn’t been said by everybody that has had the good fortune of knowing him. You see, this young man is – quite simply put – totally and completely incredible! He knows it too. Oh yeah. He’s that good. Not to say that he’s a braggert about it, it’s just that he knows the score, he knows the deal, and he knows that he just might be God’s gift to the photographic arts. Mmmmmm Hmmmmmm. He’s just that good!

I know that you’re sitting there wondering what it is that i’m going to say about our time together with Jamison and his ever-friendly and helpful assistants, and there’s no need to build the suspense any further than it has already been built. Because our time need not now be spent on words, or blog, or anything else that qualifies as being totally and completely trivial. Oh no. we need to instead say ManyThanks and give MuchLove to one and all for stopping by on such a wonderful day! Ok, Ok, enough of these words, it’s time to sit back, relaxy, and – Enjoy!

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