Tasha & Blake!

At some point during this past week, the doors of the FunCenter opened up and and we were joined in our fresh paint and carpet glue filled confines by the one and only supercouple of all supercouples, Tasha & Blake!

They came down to the FunCenter not to discuss the proper way to make a Reuben with the one & only Otis, and they did not come down to discuss with Benjamin D. the proper way to stay cool when the temperature rises above 64º, they did not come down to discuss with McKinzey the proper way to say ‘Oopie Doopie’, and they did not come down to discuss with Jamie the proper way to not sign nuthin’…oh no, my friends…they came down to get some totallysweetlysweet e.pics!

And they came down to wait while Otis frantically tried to get a printer to work. Well, I’m pretty sure that they really didn’t come down for that part at all, but they did spend a fair amount of time doing it, so I feel that it warrants some mention (both Otis & The Printer thank you for your patience while they were battling in the basement), but mostly they came down for the sweetlysnaps!

And, my dear friends, sweetlysnaps is exactly what they got themselves! And I know this because a sampling of the sweetness can be found just a few keystrokes away. I guess that the amount of keystrokes can really be defined by me, so instead of pushing y’all to the limits on just how far I can push you, how about I just stop all of this typing and get to the point.

MuchLove to Tasha & Blake for stopping by! MuchLove to peeps of Blogville! And to a certain duck named Nacho – Enjoy!

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By otis

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  1. Dear Tasha and Blake, What fantastic pics….I can’t wait to see more….choosing the best is going to be very difficult…..

  2. I think we look awesome except the first picture i look like my eyes are closed….. other than that just beautimusss

  3. Tasha and Blake… wish I could meet you Blake, I think they are all three great! Love the closeup (black and white) and the third one,love-dovey of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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