1. wow.. kirsti.. you look amazing.. i can’t believe you are a senior.. that’s so crazy.. you look so pretty

  2. hey girl…..sexi pics…lookin awesome….cant believe we are finally seniors…woot woot!much love!

  3. these are adorable!!!!! …. im taking mine here on the 11th i have no creativity im relyin completely on them haha so im hopin for the best:)

  4. kirsti you look beautiful! i can’t wait to see the rest of them. they all are going to look amazing! I can’t believe you are a senior. its going to be sad next year without you guys!

  5. KIRSTI …….your soo gorgeous girl….i bet u had fun…i kno i did …..talk to ya l8r girl byeZ

  6. kirsti! your pics look amazing i love them… you are pretty much gorgeous with all of these…i really like the one with the umbrella!.. you look so cute and innocent lol.. love you.

  7. Kirsti! i love your pictures. You look very beautiful and natural in these pictures. They are so creative and cute! It’s crazy to think we’re taking seniors pictures and graduating next year 🙂 i’m excited!

  8. Wow Kirsti.! Your pictures are Adorable. I can’t belive you are already going to be a senior.! It’s insane. But you are going to have to make sure to save me some pics. Especialy one with the umbrella. haha
    Love You.!


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