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I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. fabulous pictures delaney! looks like you found the straight legs you were looking for. you’re so pretty! i thought you had to get your hair lightened up for these? haha love you xx laura

  2. your photo’s are GREAT! you could be a model. i like the second to bottom best.


    ps. Brenda has not been able to get online yet.

  3. I am so glad I finally got online!! The pictures are great and you are gorgeous.

    Love you – Brenda

  4. Hey Delaney,

    Your photos are extremely lovely and it’s rather strange seeing them through this medium but I’ll adjust.


  5. Great pictures!! Each one is so much different that the others. Not to be redundant but they ARE beautiful. I hope to see all the proofs someday.

    Love you, Brenda

  6. Grandma went to Meryl’s yesterday and saw the pictures.
    They didn’t how so she asked me to reply for her. She said “tell her she is beautiful and I love the pictures. She looks just like her Grandma Carol (from the neck up). I love her”

  7. Hey Delaney! I finally got online to view these. Was well worth the wait. I like ALL of them very much, especially the outdoor ones. The yellow top in the grass picture………yeah, that’s your Dad’s smile. Very pretty and very grown-up looking. You surely can’t be that old yet!!

  8. Delaney – where did your blonde hair go? Now you really look like your Daddy! You are a true beauty and all grown up now! Where have these 4 years gone? Good luck in your senior year, Tim says he intends to be much more social this year…kind of worried about what that means?!?


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