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By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


  1. Krystal. These are.. well i cant really think of a work to describe them. but i guess. FLAWLESS is one! haha They turned out great!


  2. You Are Soooo Hot Krystal–This Is Our Last Year Of High School Scary! I Still Remember Meeting You At The Coat Hooks In Kindergarden! Amazing!!! Haha I Love You Krystal And Your Pictures Are Gorgeous!!

  3. krystal, you pictures are gorgeous! i better be gettin some of this miss! hope your senior year is going good. I miss you. Love you!

  4. ooh krystal…how cute..i love the first one so shut it..but i really love the second one..alright LOVE YOU TONS BYE

  5. dude. your pictures are awesome. and you were all worried they weren’t going to be. cant wait to see the rest. im so proud of you you are just growing up so fast.


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