I know, I know, I bet you thought we had forgot about my lil’ chil’ren of the blog, just sittin’ there and waiting oh so patiently for new pretty pictosnaps for your eyes to feast upon. I know you’re probably all thinking that it’s about time for us to come down from our penthouse apartments and gated communities and bring some digital lovin’ back to the bliggity blog. My dear dear friends, I assure you, even though the doors have been locked, deep in the studes (remember now, we it can only be called ‘studes’ during the weekend, and over the holidays, and also if you hear the Emergency Activation System (EAS, for all you dorks out there…wait…I’m one of those dorks)) we have been hunched over our digital campfires, spending many late hours continuing to ensure that all is well in the Land of Blog (LOB, for all you powerdorks out there…wait…I’m a powerdork), the proof of this can be found in the sweetly snaps of the one, the only, Cassandra!

Way back in the year ‘2007’, the doors of the FunCenter (now, I know it’s been a long time, so for those of you that are new to this, or to those of you that may have forgot, we refer to our Studio as the ‘FunCenter’, and we’re serious…I think…well…It says FunCenter on the door…so we must be serious, right? I mean, ‘FrustrationCenter’ or ‘SadCenter’ or ‘DepressionCenter’ all sound kind of bleak, so we opted for ‘FunCenter’ (ed. Good thinking – don’t know how much business you’d be rounding up if your little laugh factory was called the Otis & James SadCenter), and the name has stuck) opened up, and a lovely lady by the name of Cassandra strolled on in and brought nothing but smiles and goodness to our lives!

Now, in a perfect world, she would have stayed forever and ever, and we would all live happily ever after…but I’m not sure her family would be coolio with her moving in. So, we’ll have to now look at these bright and shining sample snaps and remember the days that used to be. Well, Citizens of Blog (COB’s, for all you superduper dorks out there…wait…I think I’m a superduperdork…crap), enough of this chit-chattery, let’s get to the goods. MuchLove to Cassandra for being so awesome, and to all of you out there in your little houses by the Souris and beyond – Enjoy!

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  1. hola greeat pics! i like the second one a lot, the b&w one oh by the way how come your not reading your book? lol musta been something really interesting on the wall well adios and u look great!


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